About Us

We are a small sustainable farm nestled in East Tennessee with a focus on raising small herd heritage breeds in a natural and wholesome environment.

For Ever Farm was a stumbled upon discovery made on a bike ride down a curvy rural road. The former homestead and cattle farm had been abandoned for over a decade, yet still called our names. From the overgrown pastures to the fallen barns and derelict house, we saw a glimmer of opportunity. We had just added a Border Collie puppy to the family named Ever and we joked that we would buy the farm ‘for Ever’, and we have been adding to the herd since!  Today we keep a heard of 5-20 registered highland cattle, heritage pigs, and very free chickens. We provide antibiotic, pesticide, and hormone free meat and eggs as well as AHCA registered  stock for your own farm.  Our belief is that we are all better off if animals are treated well,  engaged daily, and be raised in an environment that is healthy and vibrant.   Rotationally grazing, and striving to make the soil and other parts of nature first priority keep our bees flying, our wildflowers blooming, and our pastures green.  Come check us out.